HR calls you before the actual interview

#9: HR calls you before the actual interview? Don’t worry – read below on what to say.

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Congrats! Your CV made it to HR and you just received an email from the recruiter when is a best time to have a quick call (usually to check you out). Now what?

Well, impressing this person is crucial – otherwise you won’t make it to the interview. How you’ll do this? Consider these 3 things:

1.) Prove that you cover the essentials

Firstly, the person who calls might also likely be the person who will have the actual (fist) interview with you – make sure you make the right first impression by covering the basics needed for the job. Here, it is more about personality, your communication skills (try smiling on the phone when you talk – works wonders!) and if you meet the basic requirements of the job. So, read the job description, talk with people working there (or to us), and then (before the interview) list out the things you think are the most important deliverables for the role. Ensure you mention one or two of your strengths in these specific areas during the conversation (see our blog entry #8).

2.) Demonstrate that you’re truly interested

Now, you have demonstrated your skills match perfectly to the role – great! However, this won’t help you if you don’t come across having a true interest in the job and company (assuming you actually do). Again, this will be most likely asked in the interview itself, but it is necessary to mention it in this call (see our blog entry #6) for them to pass you to the next interview stage.

3.) Show a strong “Cultural Fit”

At the end of the day, recruiters (most, but not all) will be looking for 3 things to fill the role: 1.) Can he or she do the job? 2.) Do we like him or her? 3.) Do we think he or she is going to fit with our company culture? For these reasons you should do your best to show a strong cultural fit. Check out their web presence, brand, the communication, etc. Do you fit? If so, how and why? Check out our blog entry # 5.

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